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Thank you 2023!

From Mexican Independence Day to our Festive Fiesta, 2023 has been a blast! Here are our top highlights from the Mezcal team in 2023.


On behalf of the full team at mezcal I want to thank all our customers in making our year a great one, especially at our National Tequila Day and Day of the Dead events.

We hope to have you’re continued support into the new year with many more fun and exciting events planned.

2023 has been an amazing year for Mezcal, with thousands of happy patrons having dined with us. Join us as we explore our highlights from 2023 in this post. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes!

- Megan From Team Mezcal

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Tequila done right on national Tequila day

July 2023

Salut to National Tequila Day: A Perfect Pairing at Mezcal Glasgow

In the heat of summer, Mezcal Glasgow turned up the heat a notch higher as we joyfully celebrated National Tequila Day, paying homage to the iconic Mexican spirit that has become synonymous with good times, celebration, and conviviality. On this special day, our establishment transformed into a haven for tequila enthusiasts, where culinary delights and tequila pairings collided to create an unforgettable experience.

National Tequila Day at Mezcal Glasgow was a celebration of flavour harmony. Our expert chefs curated a tantalising menu, perfectly designed to complement the diverse profiles of tequila. Our guests enjoyed a symphony of tastes that danced across the palate, with a newfound appreciation for the art of tequila pairing.

September 2023

Viva la Independencia: A Spectacular Mexican Independence Day Celebration

One of the standout highlights of 2023 at Mezcal Glasgow was our unforgettable celebration of Mexican Independence Day. As the iconic date approached, we went all out to ensure our guests experienced the true essence of this historic occasion.

On the evening of September 16th, our restaurant transformed into a lively fiesta, with blaring vibrant Mexican tunes. Our chefs prepared exclusive specials, echoing the spirit of Mexican independence. It was a night where patrons not only savored our delectable Mexican dishes but also immersed themselves in the rich culture and traditions that define our culinary offerings.

Team Mezcal on Mexican Independence Day
Our new menu launched in November 2023

November 2023

The launch of our new menu!

In November we unveiled our new menu which became an instant hit with our patrons.

Featuring Pambazos, Empanadas, and the Mexican Firing Squad cocktail, our new menu provides an authentic taste of Mexico where every bite tells a story.

Our new menu isn’t just about grub; it’s a straight-up teleportation to the streets of Mexico.

In our quest to create the ultimate Mexican cuisine, we source all of our ingredients from trusted suppliers. From sassy spices to the freshest vegetables, we’re on a mission to give you a taste of Mexico that’s as legit as it gets.

November 2023

Dia de los Muertos: our day of the dead celebration

As October unfolded, Mezcal Glasgow embarked on a heartfelt journey to commemorate the revered Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. This poignant celebration held a special place in our hearts, and we dedicated ourselves to creating an immersive experience that paid homage to the rich cultural significance of this event.

Our Dia de los Muertos celebration kicked off with a Casamingos tequila tasting, where patrons had the opportunity to savour the distinctive flavors of this premium tequila brand. The Casamingos tasting not only added a sophisticated touch to the evening but also served as a poignant reminder of the spirits we were there to honour.

Tequila done right on national Tequila day

Our Reviews

We’re proud as punch about the hundreds of reviews we received this year. Here are some of our favourites!

Leigh Pethin

Food was great and staff were very helpful, especially as I was on my own with two children. Possibly the best burrito I have had and tortilla chips and guacamole were excellent too. Already thinking of going back. Oh, and kids eat for free at lunch time. Will book next time as it is very busy, and rightly so.


As soon as we got inside it literally had such an authentic Mexican smell, the food was absolutely amazing. I’ve never had such good tacos outside of Mexico. Cocktails were also spot on. Highly recommend the mango and basil margarita.


Visited for the first time with my 9 year old yesterday. Tremendous food. Lovely setting and atmosphere and great value for money. Tacos al Pastor didn’t disappoint and my girl loved her pork taco and mocktail. Can’t wait to come back.

Arron Alexander

Cannot recommend this place highly enough. The staff are incredible and so lovely. The food is absolutely outstanding, the portions look small but damn they’re bursting with flavour and so filling. Had never tried margaritas before so the server recommended frozen margaritas and they were insanely good! The decor and the atmosphere is amazing too. Will definitely be back here again soon

Thank you to everyone who visited Mezcal Glasgow in 2023

As we wrap up our journey through the highlights of 2023 at Mezcal Glasgow, we find ourselves filled with gratitude for the incredible moments shared with our patrons and the vibrant Glasgow community. This year has been a tapestry woven with flavours, traditions, and the joy of celebrating Mexican culture in the heart of the city.

From the lively beats of Mexican Independence Day to the poignant reflections of Dia de los Muertos, and the spirited toasts on National Tequila Day, each celebration has left an indelible mark on the walls of Mezcal Glasgow. Our commitment to delivering an authentic Mexican experience, where every bite tells a story and every celebration is a fiesta, remains unwavering.

As we step into the future, the promise of more culinary adventures, mezcal tastings, and cultural celebrations beckons. The warmth of our staff, the vibrant ambiance, and the dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience will continue to be the pillars that define Mezcal Glasgow.

Here’s to more laughter, more flavours, and more celebrations at Mezcal Glasgow – where every moment is a celebration of life, love, and the joy of savoring the extraordinary!

Mezcal Glasgow, December 2023

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